Know The Pricing of Replacement of Your Sewer Line


When should you replace your sewer line?

If your sewer line needs a plumber on a regular basis then believe me, its time to say goodbye to that old one. Though there are other factors that’ll make you think the cost to replace sewer line to street soon.

Senile Age

We all know that nothing remains perfect as it gets old, but the question here is, what is the reference point of judging the age of a sewer line. Well, it has been observed that the houses between the range of 40-50 years are more likely to get a sewer replacement.

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Stubborn Clogs

The biggest problem of clogged drain denver can be seen on overflowing sludge in toilets and clogged drain lines. Clogs are formed due to used paper towels, toilet paper, or other hygiene products. However, if you carefully dispose these stuffs and still face sewer line issues, then you should consult the experts because there might be a major conundrum.

Massive Trees Around

Look, the more huge a tree is, the more huge its roots are. The roots of big trees are much more dispersed than its branches, and they might be invading your sewer line leading to leakage and other severe problems.

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Long-Term Problems

If your plumber visits your home on a regular basis, it indicates that sewer line surely needs a replacement. However, if you’ve got new pipeline and not facing frequent issues, then you have time but I’ll recommend you to unclog your pipeline on a monthly basis to maintain the healthy functioning.

What is the cost to replace sewer line to street?

As estimated by one of the major sewer company, the average price of sewer line replacement varies from $92-$238 per foot However, traditional sewer line replacement costs around $75000. In addition to this, trenchless methods could cost between $6000-$12000. Usually, the pricing majorly depends on your line’s unique situation.

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The cost of the sewer line replacement also varies with the owned permits and regulations. For e.g., if the repair is under a paved road, or an active road route, the cost would include factoring.