Driveway: what you need to know about paving


Stable, easy to care for and beautiful — this is the perfect entrance to your home. What looks good in movies, like cars driving on crisp gravel, is actually less enjoyable in real life. Because the gravel is unevenly and loosely placed, dirt such as snow and leaves are difficult to remove and small stones can scratch the vehicle.

When it comes to grooming, beautiful looking stones also lose out because weeds grow well between them and the turf needs to be tended regularly.

At the other extreme, the asphalt is smooth and even. But the construction costs are huge — you can’t do without special asphalt machines. Drainage channels are also needed because rainwater cannot drain off the paved surface. What remains is the paving stone м as it quickly becomes clear, it is often the best choice. You can find out more about the paving company by following the link .

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The advantages of paving stones are the following parameters:

  • It only causes low costs.

  • It is easy to look after her.

  • You can create different patterns from stones.

  • You will find a large selection of stones in different colors.

  • Patterns can also be laid out with paving stones.

Important: if you plan to lay paving stones yourself, then be sure to contact construction organizations before starting construction work. Because cables or ducts can run in the area to be processed. In certain cases, a building permit is also required.

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Before starting paving, the driveway must first be dug. To do this, mark the area to be excavated. A minimum excavation of 25 cm is recommended because the base requires its own space. You can determine the depth of the pit using wooden pegs and a landmark. A wooden stake is stuck in each corner of the hole and connected using guide cables.

With an excavator, the base of the roadway can be dug much faster than with a shovel, but first it must be suitable for the area to be worked.

After leveling the surface, you need to distribute an additional layer of sand or geotextile on it. Then the guide is installed. The guide line on the wooden pegs indicates at what height the bottom layer of the base should be set. It also shows if there are irregularities that can be leveled if necessary. Ideally, there should be 26cm of space for the top layer of subfloor, gravel or paving stones. A lower base layer of 20 cm is sufficient.

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Then you need to distribute the broken stone by hand or with a rake and secure it with a special plate. This process may seem easy at first glance, but any inaccuracy in the implementation will lead to a poor result. That is why you can order the installation of your driveway by following the link on the «Perfect Pavers» website.